My son got his first deer 🦌


Button Buck
Well Saturday pm the nice 8 we were after came in but didn't stay long enough to give him a clean ethical shot, so we were both a little bummed about that. So headed out yesterday afternoon on that long walk to the blind from the house (@ 75 yards, lol) to try again. Had a doe come in about 5:15 followed by a fawn and 2 smaller bucks. He asked if he could shoot that deer(doe), and I said "you can shoot any deer you want". When he said he wanted to shoot her, MY heart started racing! So it took several minutes, but she finally turned broadside for a shot. It ended tragically for her. 😉 So proud and glad he got to experience that rush we all live for in this great sport/tradition.
Here's the links to my FB page where there's a couple videos, one of the 8 pointer and one of the kill shot.




Four Pointer
Nice! Nothing like being in the woods with your youngin. I still cherish the memories when my son harvested his first deer. Those are memories you'll cherish for a lifetime.