My First Deer!


Four Pointer
So, with everyone telling me to go hunt on base, I took their advice and started scouting the areas on Lejeune and MCAS New River. Deer are everywhere, but as we all know, you have to be there when they are. Last weekend my normal area was closed, so I hunted at a new area, but from the ground. I scared off 5 deer because I didn't know the area, but I figured with so many there, I can put my stand up and come out before the sun comes up and maybe have some luck. Yesterday I was in my stand for the coldest hunt of this year and was unsuccessful. I didn't even hear a deer while I was out there. This morning, I headed back to the stand, but a tad bit earlier and luckily it was a little bit warmer than yesterday. At 7:40, I started hearing some noises and out jumps a doe and a smaller deer right behind her. I got off a clean shot with my shotgun and she fell where I took the shot. The other deer took off, as I expected, but about 8 minutes later, it came back. I figured it was another doe, so I took the shot when it came close enough to me, but after waiting about a half an hour for them to expire, I came up on the second one and realized I shot a button buck. :oops: I wasn't going to reveal that, but I figured...why not? I'm still learning and am no where near the place where I would have let those two walk, since this is my first season and they were my first legitimate shots.
I won't be shooting any more button bucks, as I'll take a closer look with my binoculars.
Only the doe is in the photos.



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Congratulations! Id say you are now hooked on the sport. Good luck the rest of the season.

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Congrats on your first and second. As was said, don't sweat shooting a button buck. We've all done it. Heck I studied one good last year for probably 20 minutes with 10x binos and would have sworn it was a doe, it wasn't.


Old Mossy Horns
Congrats!! I never really cared about hunting "horns", like you, I wouldn't shoot a button buck on purpose but if I did, he was going into the freezer anyway so I didn't worry about it too much...


Six Pointer
Man yes that's some good stuff right there. Hunting on Lejeune can be hard but also so much fun when it all comes together. Congrats man!! You have earned it with all your hard work. Get into some of those areas that are open this weekend. Come next week we will be back to 6 areas

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Four Pointer
Congrats on your 1st and 2nd deer and don't worry about the button buck we have all done it at some point and its very good eating
Yeah, his meat was a very light tint, as opposed to his mum's.
Any recommendations for how to prepare it once I get it back from the processor?


Four Pointer
Good job! Ive killed quite a few button heads that I mistook for does. It happens. Are you taking them to a processor or are you doing the cut up work yourself?
I've watched many youtube videos to get me the information I need to do things like field dress and skin, but I was watching a video while I was field dressing ( I did manage to bury the entrails), I watched a video before skinning them, but needed a little help from the processor, who was nice enough to help a novice. But to answer your question, I'm not there yet lol. I've dropped them off and will get them back in about 10 days.
I've made deer chili before and had some other cuts, but now that this is my deer, I'm open for recipe suggestions.