Muzzleloading Expenses


Four Pointer
When did muzzleloading get expensive? I will admit I started shooting black powder around the time of the bicentennial and stopped in the early 80's.

1 lbs Grafs fffg $20.00 100 shots at 70 grains each
100 .490 round balls $11.00
100 #11 percussion caps $5.00
Let's pretend patches and lube are free

Powder 20 cents
Bullet 11 cents
Cap 5 cents
26 cents per shot for plinking.
That's 9mm or 223 steel case pricing
Am I just getting old?


Old Mossy Horns
Shoot a flinter and cast your own balls will help...Thankfully I paid much less for black powder years ago... :)


Four Pointer
My brother has 32 and 36 caliber rifles and I see one like them for Uwharrie squirrels. A flinter will be next. I am enjoying muzzleloading so much again I am not really concerned about the cost. I am surprised though.


Old Mossy Horns
A flinter will be next
And when you see your first buck laying in the leaves 50 yards away...and see a wisp of smoke curling up out of the Flintlock's might think about how its exactly the way the settlers might look around and wonder if one of them hunted right through where you're sitting.

And you'll be hooked on Flintlocks until further notice...


Four Pointer
Yeah I was going to say, takes a while to burn up some ammo with the smokepole...... what has really amazed me is the price of used muzzleloaders has skyrocketed (the old smokepoles, not inlines). Not 5 years ago, seems like you could buy an Investarms for less than 200.00 and many in the 150.00 range, now 300.00 plus. T/C muzzleloaders - you would think some of them have gold barrels with the asking prices... But they are fun and I don't mind buying and getting other ones to shoot. I have all the modern rifles and then some that I need, so muzzleloaders are always on the search list!