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Four Pointer
For traditional hunters in the Fayetteville region, Boulevard Pawn Shop at 5301 Bragg Boulevard, has Hornady round balls from .310 RB to .570 RB, CCI #10 & #11 caps, Hodgdon Triple 7 in 2FG & 3 FG. Call (910) 868-2139.

In Benson, Kennedy's Paradise Pawn carries GOEX black powder. Call (919) 894-3318 to obtain powder grades in stock.

Getting a few friends together to pool an order, Powder, Inc., in Clarksville AR can ship all grades, mix or match, of GOEX, Schuetzen, & Swiss in 5 lb, 10 lb, or 25 lb cases shipped to your door. Prices on the website INCLUDES shipping & HazMat charges. A 5 lb case was about $150.00 last month. A 10 lb case was $235.00 last month ($23/lb) and a 25 lb case was about $475.00 ($19/lb). (877) 833-1799.

I'll have a healthy bunch of flintlock & caplock rifles, black powder pistols and cap and ball revolvers, including a half-dozen+ Ruger "OA", at the Greensboro Gun Show on the 11th & 12th, and at the Dixie Gun & Knife Show in Raleigh on the 18th & 19th.