Sticky Muzzleloader kills 2019


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Here is one thread as we have done in the past for you to post a picture and a few details of your kill (Muzzleloader, bullet, shot distance, tracking distance, etc....). Good luck to everyone and WEAR YOUR SAFETY GEAR!!!!

Kills only, please. Post congrats and comments in a separate thread. Non-kill posts will be deleted!

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
Chatham County 11-7; 5:10 PM
MK85, 100 grains pyrodex, sabot Knight bullet, 90 yd shot, pass thru with good blood, 100 yd death run.
10 pter
Deer I had seen saturday morning trailing three does thru a funnel, chasing one 90 mph weds morning thru same funnel, couldnt get him stopped for a shot, but he showed up Thursday about a half mile away walking up on two fawns in a opening next to a bedding area. Third time seeing him was my charm. :)