Muzzleloader kills 2018


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Here is one thread as we have done in the past for you to post a picture and a few details of your kill (Muzzleloader, bullet, shot distance, tracking distance, etc....). Good luck to everyone and WEAR YOUR SAFETY GEAR!!!!

Kills only, please. Post congrats and comments in a separate thread. Non-kill posts will be deleted!


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My daughter's first hunt ever with a muzzleloader. Came in late and had an appointment somewhere. Stopped him several times and then he would start walking just as she was going to shoot. She had to turn completely to her left (shoots left handed) to shoot when we finally got him stopped in a lane. Great day for this proud dad.IMG_0686.jpg

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Old Mossy Horns

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Old Mossy Horns
MK 85 shooting .240 grain sabot bullet
100 grain pyrodex powder
nice wide 7 pt . broke g2
chasing as hard as he could about 6pm. doe bottomed out and he couldnt see her.
stopped broadside at 70 yds. just where i needed him to. Just a few seconds from seeing him till shot.
i missed him the first search after the shot he ran down and then tried uphill. I looked side hill.
went back and walked straight and found him about 100 yds away.
November 2nd. Chatham county