Old Mossy Horns
Used to cast net them when i was stationed in Tampa bay area - always smoked them

Good stuff
Yeah, they were very sought after when we lived in Pensacola. That was where I got my first dose of them. Even learned to catch them on rod and reel. I have seen people throw cast nets big enough over them from bridges and they be so full that they need help pulling them up. But like many things that was over 50 years ago. I suspect that day has gone by.


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I love them so much fried that it never crossed my mind to cook them any other way. Grilled and smoked sound delish though.


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so much fried that it never crossed my mind to cook them any other way.

you should have seen the looks on the faces of the hunt club guys (back when I hunted Anderson Creek area) when I grilled some catfish filets like they were salmon,,,,

them boys were aghast!

"catfish is for frying" they said,,,,,but they liked them grilled catfish filets!


Old Mossy Horns
I grew up on fried mullet, including the roe, but had never had smoked until I moved to Florida. I think everybody who lived within driving distance of the coast had a cast net and an old gutted refrigerator to smoke mullet in. Some mighty good eatin'........

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
smoked and canned is even better. Add your choice of condiments into the jar prior to canning and you've got yourself some kinda good eating. My favorite is hot mustard, a hot pepper, wasabi, just about anything or even nothing at all.
We took a case to Michigan when we hunted the UP and we never bought a single drink at the local tavern. We supplied the canned mullet to the locals and they loved it.


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Mullet heart on a hook flanked on each side by a thin strip of squid is the best yellowtail bait I have ever used.