Morels anyone?


Six Pointer
I have found them in every state I’ve been in so I’d say yes to your question

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How about Moore County? Probably not, with the Sandhills. But maybe Chatham or Alamance? I'd like to go look for them, too.


Eight Pointer
No photographic evidence but it happened just the same.

My wife and I went to Charlotte yesterday to have lunch with our daughter, headed up the walk from the drive to the front door and right there, growing out of her mulch bed were about 20 morels within 20 feet of the door. Some were fairly small but with the proliferation of deer in her neighborhood we figured that if we didn't get them right away they wouldn't make it through the night.

Does anyone on the forum hunt them on a regular basis?
I tagged out yesterday. I picked 20 and left about that many more for "seed" .

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
just because they are found "in every state" doesn't mean they can be found in every county of said state,,,,
I would think they would be in Forsyth County since we have all the things that they typically like, but I've never found them here. We used to find them in central Alabama but they were scarce and very small. Never found one in any of the parts of Florida I've been in.
There are lots of mushroom groups that report on them, but they are kinda like good trout streams, bass lakes or turkey woods, sometimes I don't think the information received is completely accurate.


Ten Pointer
I hope to find some this weekend. My biggest challenge is finding them before the turkeys do. Since the turkey population exploded in Warren County morel have become scarce.


Old Mossy Horns
I have spent a lot of time in the woods in north central NC and have only found a few morels here. I have found quite a few in other states, Ohio, NE and KS. We find enough on our turkey hunting trips that we take a dehydrator with us so we can dry them as we find them. They do not keep well otherwise. I have been places where there was more folks in the woods hunting morels than hunting turkeys.

A couple of years ago, had a fella in NE tell us that fresh morels were selling for $50 per lb. at the farmers market in Omaha.


Eight Pointer
I went back 2 days after I found the morels I picked. The ones that I left were gone . The dang deer ate them . Another reason for me to shoot them rascals .