Monster buck in JoCo


Ten Pointer
Congrats to your son on an awesome deer. Just curious, why did you wait so long to share with the board? Been lining sponsors up ;)?


Ten Pointer
I hate to say it, because I hope he shoots one bigger next year, but that is the buck of a lifetime from Johnston county to points East. I know there are certain sections of the state that a buck of this size isn’t a huge deal, but this is what we hunters in most areas East of Raleigh will hunt our whole lives for just the opportunity to take a deer of this caliber. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few of y’all that seem to have a rabbits foot wedged in tight where the sun don’t shine, or others that have got it down pat (Rinkleroot), but that is an awesome deer for our neck of the woods, and sincere congratulations to the young man that took him!


Six Pointer
Congrats to the young man very nice deer nothing like the young ones getting t done