Mini 30


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Interested in some feedback on Ruger mini 30. 7.62 x 39
Curious about how they hold up as far as accuracy and if they are prone to jambing. Just general info.
Also what type ammo works best if anyone has shot one enough to determine.

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all i ever shot in my mini was wolf steel. never a problem and plenty accurate. i did get a couple wierd last round mag jams with ruger 20 round magazines. Mine was a 96 serial number prefix, the model they make now is the best one theyve ever made.

Eric Revo

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Mine is one of the middle aged ones that isn't supposed to shoot steel and it has some quirks especially using aftermarket magazines. Not sure what the actual issue is but my mini-30 will empty a 30 round mag before you can say don't do it with 3 to 5 round bursts with one pull of the trigger, typically stovepiping a empty to stop the madness. I think it may be a sear problem but it doesn't do it with the factory magazine or the Ruger-made Korean military magazines so I've never really looked into it.
Using decent ammo I can stay in a 2 inch circle at 100 yards if I'm very careful with the trigger pull, I don't think it's super accurate but it's a fun gun to shoot.