Met a forum member today


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I've been looking for a taxidermist for some time now. Had a few ducks and a sentimental buck from years ago in the freezer. I reached out to @Nana and asked if I could come visit her shop.
Upon arrival, I was greeted with some of the best southern hospitality I could ask for. She shared some of her past works with me and some of the trophies she was working on now. We spoke for a couple of hours about everything under the sun.
At the end I left her with my trophies (nothing big but special to me), a couple of new friends, and the knowledge that: 1. My items were left in good hands & 2. The knowledge that my wife would be so happy that my deer head was no longer in her way of organizing the deep freezer.

Nana I look forward to our future conversations, friendship, and your artistic abilities in making my trophies "come back to life".


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I will def be going to her for a full body bear mount if I can kill one over 600 in my lifetime. Just kidding @Nana ! I read your “about me” post in its entirety 😅