Meopta Meostar R1


Old Mossy Horns
Been playing with the new to me meostar 3-12x55 R1 FFP and it’s impressive... only drawback I’ve found is that I prefer exposed target turrets ( available aftermarket) but that’s preference not performance. Did 5 box tests and it returned to zero each time, clicks are tactile and clear, lenses are crisp and clear through the entire pwr range, and the low light performance is insane. The last week has been mediocre as far as ambient light goes and each sitting I got past legal shooting light easily picking up the target/reticle @100yards. Hardest part of this decision is what rifle this ones gonna end up on for next season since it’ll end up being my primary hunting rig.

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Ten Pointer
I have a Meopta Meopro 3.5-10 with the duplex reticle on my main deer rifle and love it. Phenominal low light performance and very clear glass. It has held perfect zero for three years of hunting and riding in the truck.