Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge- Canada Goose Hunt


Button Buck
I've heard some less than stellar info on the refuge down there, but I just got word that my dad and I were selected for the September goose hunt.

Has anyone done it? Are you just hunting the lake? Any areas that you might want to share?

I had $8.00 burning a hole in my pocket and a "why not?" mentality when I put in for the permit. Now I'm looking for advice on how to put something worthwhile together for me and my dad.


Eight Pointer
The food value on that lake is currently 0. Your best bet is catching birds coming back for a day roost/to get water after feeding in the morning. Scout, scout, scout and scout some more and I would bet you could kill some geese. Gotta get the right boat for the lake and spend some time on the water and scouting from shore. Watch birds and try to track where they head. It would be a fun hunt to do if you had all the time in the world as I believe you could get on em and see alot of the lake


Eight Pointer
As KA said, lots of work/scouting if you’re gonna be successful. But it might behoove you also to contact the refuge manager (Kendall Smith) or one of the refuge techs to see what suggestions/areas they might suggest you look. Both KA and I can personally can attest to Kendall doing his best to help you out as he’s really a very personable guy. I’m sure he’s up to his eyeballs overseeing the refuge’s management issues but I know he take the time to address your call. Best of luck.