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I got up to Maine yesterday about dinner time. I didn't completely unload my truck and most of my hunting stuff was still in truck. I hadn't planned to hunt first thing I had permission to hunt a farm about 5 miles from here so I figured I'd slip in late morning and give it a shot. My brother looked out the back window and there was a turkey with a hen strutting in the woods between the backyard and the upper field.
My gun was still in my tool box in the truck.... I slipped out the front door and as quietly as possible got my gun out of the box and uncased and loaded. Then I slipt across the backyard into the woods when he was facing away from me with the tail blocking his view. Once in woods I could see his tail flipping back and forth as he strutted but I couldn't really see him. He eventually strutted passed a tree where I could see his head and I let the longbeard #6 loose and he never knew what hit him..... the hen took off across the field....

After all the failed set ups and hang ups in NC and Va this season and then this happens..... turkey hunting is never the same old thing..... for some no calling or no decoys etc. Is not hunting..... maybe it's not text book hunt but then again I'm more a turkey killer instead of a hunter 😉


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Lucky Clucker

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Congratulations! Yeah alot of the last few I've killed was off the wall set ups or encounters. Weird how it happens like that.


Old Mossy Horns
Congrats Moose!! You paid for that one in advance all season

Kill em when you can… haters gonna hate regardless


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Good for you buddy. They mean a lot no matter how they come. Especially when it’s been tough.


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Nice. That works for me. I bet that was a fun hunt and I like those kind you don’t have to walk to far for.