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Mackey’s Landing Firearms


Old Mossy Horns
I don’t know about fr&g but a lot of the mom and pop places don’t carry inventory Anymore because the sheer cost of it and two things. 1) They can’t get prices from a distributor like hicks the way some of the big outfits or large online retailers can and 2) because of 1 people come in to look, handle , try the guns then leave and go order it online to save $25 bucks.
I personally had rather give a local guy enough profit to stay in business for convenience than save that $25 bucks for the same reason I deal with local tackle shops when I want gear.
ive seen Very few mom and pop stores that were only $25 over. I’d give them my money but most are $100-800 over the next best price. If you pay that much over just to support local, then you have more money than sense.