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Looking to get a new one...


Old Mossy Horns
I liked the stainless cva .50 wolf 209 ignition. Shot well with 370g lead slugs and 777 powder.

Never shot sabots it, just big lead.

Nice that it was dishwasher safe. .


Button Buck
I like my CVA Acurra 2 LR. 50 Cal. Has Cerakote/ Nitride and a thumb hole stock.
It is very accurate with Triple 7 and Blackhorn 209. I like the BH209 much better.
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Ten Pointer
Kind of open ended question with not knowing how you hunt and preferences on rifles such as weight, LOP, etc. All of my rifles are .50s, but I have a hankering for a fast twist .45 and shoot either .45 bullets sabotless or .40 bullets with a sabot. It's hard to beat the quality of a Knight. My first choice would be a Knight Ultra-light with nitride finish as I prefer lighter weight guns and a LOP not made for gorillas.

But if the lighter weight was an issue and I wanted to save a few hundred dollars, it would be the Knight Disc Extreme that is on sale. Hard to beat that much rifle for the price. I would upgrade both with Lehigh bare primer conversion and breech plug with vent liners. The Ultra-lite takes this breech plug though. The vent liner that comes with the plug should last a couple hundred rounds depending on how much powder, size bullet, etc are used. Once the flash hole gets to about .035", toss it and put in another. If you don't get a slight crush on the primer, you may get some blowback, but putting shims in the breech plug to get about .003" crush results in a clean breech area.

My next choice would be a CVA Accura MR with Nitride finish. If using Blackhorn 209, you need a compatible breech plug. CVA offers one, but I would use the Lehigh. As Stilhunting said, the V2 with thumbhole stock is nice and would be a close tie with the Accura. I never cared for having a thumbhole stock until I found a great closeout price on the V1 Accura with TH stock. I got it despite having the stock but really like it.

All that said, I am planning on getting my first ML, a TC Renegade, back out and do some shooting/hunting and maybe get some barrels made for it.

**Edited to add MR to CVA Accura.
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Old Mossy Horns
I doubt I’ll ever buy another “new” muzzleloader. I have a couple of the old Remington M700MLS, one of which has killed at least one deer every year since ‘99. I’ve got a T/C Encore Pro Hunter that’s never seen the woods and a few sidelocks of varying makes. That being said, IF I ever bought another one, it would be a Remington M700 Ultimate Muzzleloader, just because.


Eight Pointer
I’ve got a Accura V 2 in 45 cal. Shoots as good as my 30 year old Remington 700 300 mag at 75 yards.

Hunting Nut

Twelve Pointer
I've got a Knight disc rifle, stainless model. Great gun.
I like the T/C Encore pro hunter I have more. To me, it's a better rifle. I love shooting the thing.
I shoot saboted .44 240 grain Hornady xtp's in both. Deer killer bullet.
Oh, both are .50 cal.


Ten Pointer
My next ML will be a smokeless encore. I'm not sure when that will be though because I'm sure I have many more years with my traditions & BH209 combo.


Button Buck
Been very happy with my CVA wolf, its the stainless version and cleans up pretty nice. Shoots great with 777 powder and 240gr XTP's. If I hunted with my muzzle loader more I would definitely go smokeless, have a few buddies that have them and they are tack drivers.

Ol Copper

Ten Pointer
Knight. Period.

I have a Disc Extreme in stainless with the thumbhole stock. Lehigh plug.

110 gr BH and a 250 Barnes expander in an HP-24 sabot.
That gun has killed deer all over the country, at every range and in every weather condition.

Absolute nail driver. When it comes to deer hunting, that gun comes out of the safe 9 out of 10 times.

Knight also has some killer sales from time to time online.