Looking for mentor in Raleigh area


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Been working on getting into duck hunting for the past year - is anyone willing to mentor a newbie ? I have the gear but haven't had the courage to go solo just yet ...I have done some scouting and fishing for fun around Jordan and found some birds... Thanks in advance


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You can pull it off solo! There's not much to shooting wood ducks. If you are finding them on Jordan you know where they want to be. You dont need to call and you can get away without decoys for woodies if you're where they like they hang out.

Get there early! Be courteous and dont set up close to others if they get there first.
Know what a cormorant and grebe are and dont shoot those....
Set your expectations low, this is not youtube. If you kill a duck on public you had a pretty good day. Get out there and enjoy it!

Source -- I'm a self-taught NC public land duck hunter
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Button Buck
I live in Ramseur and take my boat to Jordan all the time for hunting by myself. If you want to tag along shoot me a message. I’m not a guide or a veteran waterfowler though. This will be my 5th year duck hunting