Looking a 1448 Jon Boat?


Old Mossy Horns
Been looking something small but wide. Want no less than a 48" floor.
Looked at some of the tracker grizzly and Seaark.
Any other boats out there that are all welded, open floor, with a floor skin and in the 1448 range.
Want something that will be used for pond fishing or tie to the boat dock and leave at the lake so I dont need to drag the big boat just for a few hrs fishing or running jugs in the cove.


Twelve Pointer
Could special order the tracker from Cabelas w/outboard, trolling motor, accessories of your choice. :D

Just messing, I have a cheap white river (rangers line of cheap aluminums )1542 that is very stable and is fine for fishing with two people standing, I’ve bowfished and ran trot lines from it leaning well over the edge and it’s not “sketchy” in any way. These are riveted though, if you absolutely want an all weld the sea ark is hard to beat.

For what you are going to do any brand will probably fit the need