Live 9/7/18


Six Pointer
On the ground in Montgomery. Quiet morning so far. Came in blind so I may move to a better looking spot here soon.


Ten Pointer
2 fawns at the mineral lick for about 15 minutes.

A deer blew way off in the distance and they slowly took off.

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Eight Pointer
Decided to just go out this evening. I never see movement in the mornings in the Croatan and I get impatient when I try to sit twice a day.

Jack's PA

Twelve Pointer
Just got busted by my target deer. A big ol momma doe. She was at about 75 yards up the hill behind me. Damn!


Six Pointer
Just had a hen wall out at 15 yards. Couldn't buy a bird to save my life in this spot back in the spring.

Lucky Clucker

Old Mossy Horns
Headed in late,movement been after 9 am around the stands this week,plus been a tuff week at work,heel swollen ,sciatic nerve ,old.lolgoing limp in and killed something luck guys.