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Lever gun challenge


Twelve Pointer
I have a 1972 model with the original box, including the price sticker.
Amazing how much those could be had for in 1972....
About that time Pleasants Hardware in Winston-Salem had them on sale for $75, IIRC. My brother and I both got .35 Rems.


Button Buck
Anyone know where 30-30 ammo can be found around Greensboro, I searched all weekend and no luck. I'm dying to take my Marlin I just inherited out, but I have no ammo.


Twelve Pointer
All I remember about it was it had a gold trigger and was fairly heavy. You would think the weight would have helped with recoil but I'm telling ya it would thump you...lol

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My recently reclaimed 94 Win did the same recently. I shot 5 rounds off sandbags on a homemade bench and it wasn't the best of positions so I've been sporting a bruise for the last two weeks. Never remembered a thutty-thutty kicking that badly.

Hunting Nut

Twelve Pointer
I held a brand new, purty lever today. A new Henry .44 that has the side gate.... tube feed also, but they added the side gate. Black woodgrain stock, matte silver metal.
Smooth action, and purty enough. Too rich for my blood !
Don't really have a use for it anyhow. Just looked like a nice'un.


Old Mossy Horns
One of the next guns I get is going to be a lever, have several but not that I want to cut up.

So my thought and hope is one of the New Marlins when Ruger takes over.
Nothing special but what I want is a 30 cal or straight wall. Cut the barrel back and thread, bring the tube back to match or get a gun with shorter tube and shortened barrel.
Want to hunt with it open sights suppressed.
Big Lead cast bullet under 1000FPS is my thoughts.

7mm08. I really like those sights.