Lever gun challenge


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I posted another thread of my own but ill post here too. This is my 1958 JM Marlin 336 Sporting Carbine in .35 Remington. It has Williams FP 94/36 sights and a Weaver base though i no longer have the scope and QD mounts. Brought down this mulie at 150 yards iron sighted with Federal PowrShok 200 grainers. Also nailed several coyotes this week with the same gun same loads. Wasnt a pretty sight so no pics of that


Mack in N.C.

Old Mossy Horns
Montgomery co. 35 Remington...

well my picture from out there didnt upload. should have stayed home or fished. saw 1 squirrel and lots of bats. you know it is gonna be bad when most of what you see are bats.
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Unless I am hunting in a big field I'll almost always have my marlin 336rc. Most deer I shoot with it never take more then a couple steps, I love this gun.
Nice....I like the old school camo too. I had that same kind up to a few years ago and got to fat to get into it

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Nice....I like the old school camo too. I had that same kind up to a few years ago and got to fat to get into it

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Lol thanks, took me awhile to find a pair of old school coveralls that'd fit me at 6ft tall and 350lbs.


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They do have a safety. Hammer in half cock position is the safety.
They also have a trigger disconnect. Opening the lever bow slightly disconnects and immobilizes the trigger. It also allows the locking bolt to drop which in turn moves the rear of the two piece firing pin out of line with the forward portion....even if the hammer were to fall, it cannot fire the cartridge in the chamber.


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I guess I'm always taking the challenge. My favorite gun I've owned for 32 years. Its my go to weapon. I reach past others just to bring it. The pistol I've never killed with it but just might happen this year. Gonna try to secure my badass status with my son. To old to jump on them with a knife so this will have to do.
I’d did the knife thing. Don’t. It was violent and almost felt personal. It didn’t seem like anything but murder. Unless I’m dying for food I will never again do this.


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I got this buck today with my uncle's old Winchester 94 in 30/30 that he bought when he was 16 years old in the 1940's. My dad, brother, and two of my nephews all shot their first deer with it. Even though I had hunted with it some I had never killed anything with it. I was also using vintage Winchester Silvertips. There is no telling how much game this old gun has taken.



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Still haven’t made it out with the other levers yet this year but the 308 Marlin Express found the mark on an opening day PA buck. Since the season started on Saturday November 28 I think it still counts gor the challenge. Only downside was I was done hunting only 45 minutes into the season.



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If I was not trying so hard, I would have added a harvest to this thread easily...now that I am hunting with a lever action, I can't find a deer!


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How about that....I had a very good friend from DuBois, Pa.
I spent about 3 months up there one year and there is some very nice deer up there.

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I'm from the Chester, berks, lancaster county area. right on the line to all three.


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Picked this up from my Dad today. Him and my grandmother bought it for my grandfather for Christmas in 1972. Marlin 336 30-30. Dad claims it was only shot a handful of times (Grandpa was a bird hunter). My goal is to take a deer on his old farm land with it before season ends. Going to shoot it this weekend and go from there.IMG-3030.jpg