Let's say that


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I had breakfast with Tommy Shaw Tuesday. A classmate from '77 though. Not from Styx.


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You are told you are getting an intern on Monday. He's a college student and his name is Jackson Brown.

Do I make unexplained Doctor My Eyes and Running on Empty references?

If so, how long do I drag it out?
poor kid. He is screwed anyway you go...😄


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I’d make sure to blindside him immediately by asking if he legitimately likes fishing in the dark. If he says no, call him a little beeyach and accuse him of being too busy going to teddy bear picnics

Ho ace

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Introduce yourself "Aloha, I'm Mr. Hand"

Young folks won't get the connection...

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Ahhh Mr. Brown. The democrat himself. Hopefully your intern will not be a clone of the original…


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Throw a "Take it easy" at him. I don't think the real Jackson Brown realizes he wrote it at this point.

On 2nd thought telling him to take it easy at work might backfire.