Let’s talk .22LR Bolt Actions


Old Mossy Horns
Thanks Larry. I looked at his website and he is right proud of his stuff. It would have to have some exceptional wood on it or a whole lot of glass to coax that price out of me. LOL.
Do you want me to find out bottom cash dollar? I know they haggle quite a bit. What is a more appropriate price to offer? i dont know much about those guns except i want one eventually. That pawn shop is 60 yards from my office.


Twelve Pointer
Shannocks Pawn in King, NC. Close to Redeye and Eric Revo. I thinking asking was $599 with rings and scope. I don’t know much about them but it had a heavy barrel, tapered to about 5/8” at the muzzle, high gloss wood and it said 452 and then something else I can’t remember but not American.
That sounds like a 452 Varmint. They bring a premium most of the time when they change hands. Usually excellent shooters.

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