Laughter Is The Best Medicine


Ten Pointer
I don’t know, I‘ll turn 50 next month and need glasses to read, hearing is awful (have tinnitus), and can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday. It’s getting here much quicker than I want.
I know , just didn't want to complain to much, also can't see,loss of hearing same tinnitus, authur in both hands and knees,bad back, could go on but no need not going to make it go away .just glad to wake up every morning the good Lord allows.


Twelve Pointer
My wife is a college professor and her students are future high school teachers. She requires her students to attend her class numerous times dressed as if they’re going into a high school classroom to teach. College girls wardrobe isn’t always high school classroom approved. So her students can avoid this issue. She reminds them that they are going to be teaching 14-18 yr old boys.