Laughter Is The Best Medicine


Six Pointer
Gary Plausch. His son is pretty open about that incident.
He tours and talks about non-violent/vigilante ways to deal with pedos. Says the reason he let it go on so long is because his dad said if that ever happened he would kill the person and he knew it wasn't right but he didn't want his dad to go to jail or his karate instructor killed. He sparked a pretty serious conversation between me and my 15yo daughter.......she's cool with violence 😎


Old Mossy Horns
For those who don't know about what Gary did...viewer discretion..remove if need to.
I also remember a lady who shot her son's molester in the back of the head while he sat in the court room. I remember her saying while she and her son sat outside the court room, the molester smiled at the boy and her son became physically ill. She had a lot of support, including some letters from foreigners. Don't think she got completely off.