Laughter Is The Best Medicine


Ten Pointer
It’s one thing when you can’t see the trailer, and I’ve occasionally gotten things cockeyed to the point it’s easier to just pull forward a bit, but that was amazingly bad and surprising to me that they really never figured out the relationship between what they did with the wheel and what happened to the trailer.


Old Mossy Horns
"Put your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel and move it in the direction you want the BACK of the boat to go!!!!"
I sold sport boats, houseboats, and yachts for 20 years on the St. Johns in central Florida, I gave that speech to every boat owner that left with one on a trailer.
I had a 50" houseboat docked near the marina ramp. If you're needing cash money, pissed off wives are the best tippers....


Old Mossy Horns
Rifles too for that matter..

I've had a fair number tell me about the deer they rolled with a 500 yard off hand shot while the deer was running wide open across a field.
Did they mention how many mags they dumped on it? Lol, 'cause I've seen truckloads of ammo slung at deer running across a bean field...and more often than not the deer won....


Twelve Pointer
Awwe Hell to hear them puppies run. Don't make damn if it's a deer, bear, coon, or rabbit...whatever they're after, there ain't nothing purtier than a pack of good dogs sqwallin' for every breath.....

Like a beagle who sounds like a squealing tire when she sees the rabbit. Boy, she was fun to hear!! She's a memory now for our group. 😥 She was a good one!!!
And the pack...beautiful music!! Won't be long.