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Frozen H20 Guy
You sure it was a SR71?

EXCELLENT question!

It's funny you ask that and sorry for the long story.

In middle school, one of my book covers was of an SR-71. My aunt and uncle were visiting from upstate NY (Vestal, NY). She saw my book and asked what plane it was, I explained what little I knew, and said it was a "spy plane", to which she replied "did you know your own cousin {her nephew} had to eject out of one of those planes years ago? broke his jaw, ribs, etc?" I was like WOW!!!!

So, literally about 1 month ago (38 ish years later), I have no idea why, but I called her cousin (also my aunt but whom I speak with much more frequently) and asked her to inquire with my aunt about that story. Sadly, 1 week later she passed away at 92, still SHARP as a tack.

So after you asked this question, I made some phone calls today with some relatives I have not spoken with in quite some time (thank you very much for that btw!!! :cool:) and found out my very distant cousin's name.

Todd Hubbard.

Indeed, it was NOT an SR-71 he ejected from! Good Call!!

It was a U2 (my aunt was technically correct, he ejected from a spy plane).

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