Land management/improvement companies or sources in Eastern NC


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Does anyone have any reputable land management or improvement companies in the eastern NC Beaufort County areas? To provide some background I own approx 19.75 acres in Beaufort County. 12 acres are crop lands and the remaining are mixed pine, oaks, poplar and sweet gum with some various other trees. My property is surrounded by ag lands and timber plantation. The area directly adjacent to my land is pine plantation about a 400 acre block. earlier this year about a 200 acres of the block next to my property was just clear cut back in September. I am looking for ways to improve timber to attract and hold wildlife as well as improve my hunting abilities not looking for trophies just meat. I have somewhat of a plan of what I want the land to do and look like but I am afraid to do anything to the woods (I do not want to turn them into a waste land because I hing cut the wrong trees or thinned too much. I can't put it back if i screw it up.) I generally only hunt the area once or twice a month at the most. Thanks for the interest and help. Greg


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^^ That's part of why they are there. My area biologist has been to my place a number of times when I have asked for advise. Now he just stops by when he is in the area to see how things are going. A valuable resource which many folks overlook.


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I might be wrong but I bet the biologist is gonna to tell you to plant most of that cropland in hardwoods and soft mast trees. You can grow those trees in nursery rows and plant clover in between. Deer get food and cover.
Depending on what is growing in your woods, they may recommend a late winter prescribed burn done in the evening . A low intensity burn will generate alot of forb growth and save your mast trees.
Your local forest ranger can recommend a list of professional forestry consultants that have knowledge with managing for wildlife.
It sounds like you have an interesting situation and will have a lot of bedding area nearby as the 200 acre clearcut grows back. If the clear cut is replanted site preparation will impact the quality of the bedding and browse available in the recent cutover. Hopefully you can coax a few deer out of the cutover. It is great you have a plan and know what you want the land to look like. I would probably work on releasing mast trees to increase food availability in the long run and do what I could to have some food available in the crop field during hunting season. Is part of your plan to keep the field in crop production, or focus more on wildlife?

This is copy of a wildlife brochure I picked up at a pollinator meeting a couple months ago. Maybe one of these biologist can help you out.


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The plan for the crop field was to keep it rented but the last 5 to 8 rows closest to the wood line would be planted in food plot mix of clover brasica and winter peas. Then a 10' wide screen of Egyptian wheat would shield crops and houses from food plot. I have since emailed the biologist for my area just have not herd back yet. I will be frost seeding the food plot and screen in lat January or early Feb. Thank you all for suggestions and guidance.