Kansas 2020


Ten Pointer
Kansas was looking doubtful this year. I had my license and tags, but my usual partners didn't get theirs before the Governor slammed the door!
At the last minute a young hunter from Oklahoma City who had his tags was able to join me.
I would have hated to miss this one because the gobblers were really fired up! Both of us tagged out including a bow kill in the middle of a hail storm. My first bird was action packed and we managed to get the thing on video. Once I get home I'll get it on my YouTube page and post the link....Already planning for next year!



Old Mossy Horns
I will not wait until the last minute to get my tags next year.. We should be there now or about to come home..


Old Mossy Horns
IMO, I have seen no evidence of anything that would have prevented me going other than the fact that they stopped selling permits to non residents. If I could get permits, I would leave tomorrow, would not think twice about it!