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Just picked up another front stuffer


Twelve Pointer
Glad I clicked the thread instead of just taking it at face value. That looks good! I hope it shoots up to your expectations.


Six Pointer
Beautiful stock on that piece! I hope she shoots as good as she looks. Don't discount that .36 caliber as a deer killer either. That bullet/ ball doesn't have a ton of mass, but it will shoot pretty flat in my experience. Not that I'd make plans to use it over the .50 caliber for deer, but if you're squirrel hunting and a nice buck or fat doe gets too close, it will do the job. Looking forward to what you can do with it.



Ten Pointer
I'm all but sure you won't like it.

As a favor, I will dispose of it for you, quietly and discreetly, to save you any shame.


Ten Pointer
Nice sights though. I love me a peep sight. Is the 50 cal similarly sighted?
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Ten Pointer
The 50cal barrel has more traditional buckhorn sights. I need to find another peep insert that has a smaller opening.
I tried to standardize my peeps and have different inserts for use in the field. Bigger diameters work better at dusk, for me.