Just a thought......


Twelve Pointer
"The days are long, but the years are short".

I do not know where I heard this but been thinking about it a lot. Seems yesterday I was holding my daughter in my lap reading to her. Last night I sat down and read her High School commencement speech. I posted a picture in turkey forum of my son and I. Seems yesterday I was holding him in my lap shooting a BB gun. Now he is out of college and in the working word, with us fitting in hunts when we can.

Seems to many times we wish those long days to end, but sure is funny how quickly those days turn into years.


Twelve Pointer
I get facebook reminders from time to time. Got one from 8 years ago "first time in his crib".... Time really flies! I've made it a point to never miss any legit sports or school function for either of my kids. It's been a struggle with work at times but I make it happen.


Ten Pointer
Amen! That saying is the truth! We've probably heard it from many difference sources, but most recently a variation of it was in the Luke Bryan song "Most People are Good"....which by the way is one of maybe only a couple Luke Bryan songs I've ever liked even a little bit. Not really a fan. But, the line "I believe that days go slow and years go fast." rang true to me.

I agree 100% KTMan, and I am reminded of it more and more with each passing year. Time.....she's slippin' away!


Old Mossy Horns
Leader of the band ( Dan Fogelberg ) never fails to make a bug fly right into my eye.

As parents it’s funny how we finally realize how we as kids affected our parents.


Six Pointer
"Cats in the Cradle" has always gotten to me once I got old enough to appreciate the wisdom in the words.
Seems like just last year my son was barely old enough to hunt and fish with me. Now he’s out of college, working, and lives 80 plus miles away. I get to see him maybe every other weekend. I can’t even think about “ Cats And The Cradles”much less listen to it. You better believe that time flies, make the most of it.

Another Big Buck Down

Eight Pointer
I’ll never grow old saying that I spent to much time with my kids.... I’m fortunate that I get to make most school functions and take some family days being self employed. Been told that I am a “mans man” .... but put my little girls in the mix and I’m a big softy. It feels like yesterday that I held my oldest in my arms and brought her home. She is 8 now... It’s human nature to get complacent and take things for granted. My advice for new parents is to enjoy all the moments, grand and small, with your children and say I love you often.


Old Mossy Horns
My little girl just turned 4 and I already can’t believe it. Seems like yesterday she was born. I know it’s only gonna get worse the older she gets.


Old Mossy Horns
"The days are long, but the years are short".

I told that to my older son to help him get through the USAF Academy and then his pilot training. Then I told my younger son the same and he just graduated from NC State. Now both boys tell me, "Dang, Dad ... you were right."

I've gotten A LOT smarter these past few years ... ;)