Jordan Lake 2-4-19 must be catching!


Old Mossy Horns
So how many of you were out there?
I count more than 50 boats. Ramp shows lot of rigs.
Was working on a project and just happen to scan over this.
Sure must have been good fishing.1565719613059-322066322.jpg
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oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
that's why it was probably a good idea to keep length limits in place.
2-4 was a monday. :eek:
poor sac a laits have no chance with that armada. new electronics show the way.
thanks for showing that Gadget.


Old Mossy Horns
Just to get an overall picture, out side the picture there are also a bunch more there.
Other bridges have smaller numbers of boats but still....
That is a lot that called in on monday.


Ten Pointer
Ah yes, the Jordan armada, ready to destroy any crappie that dares swimming under the 64 bridge... insane the number of boats that try and fish there together.


Old Mossy Horns
So what is the best time for the bite? I know weather plays into it.
Never really targeted them. Fish for them a bunch, got a bunch bt not for sat target and special trip....

Should we plan dinner or lunch?
I will be committing to bring hotdogs and trimmings.... BYOB
Will also bring grill and table...

We need to find a time and date. Then make it happen.