Twelve Pointer
back in the 80s one of my buddies put a few drops of skunk scent in the carpet at the Aladdin’s Castle video game place. Cleared it out.

A few weeks later he did the same at a school assembly. I was on stage and watching the whole thing happen in real time and it was amazing.

Wow....that brings back memories, Aladdin Castle


Old Mossy Horns
I've always been someone that likes to joke, laugh and carry on. I'm a miserable person if I'm not laughing. Last week I put a fake turd on the toilet seat with a bit of wet toilet paper draped over it after complaining to my wife about my upset stomach. She squealed a bit on that one. Well I've found something I almost can't stomach and it's gonna be epic.... this stuff is so potent and nasty..... some folks in Walmarts gonna hate me. Yes i know it's childish, but I'm admittedly soon to be 54 year old juvenile.....

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They probably bottled that straight from my pops….

I will never forget as a kid being able to find him 2 aisles over in the grocery store by following the “scent trail”🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


Twelve Pointer
I'm training a new engineer and today while he was down on his knees getting some motor load info I hit him with a good dose. I had already been setting him up telling him my stomach had been tore up all morning. I even managed a weak fart right before it hit him..... his face turned red and he went to talking like Beaker from The Muppet Show...... we were outside thankfully. I'm still laughing....🤣🤣


Twelve Pointer
I had a mishap this morning. I was eating breakfast with Deerjager/Andrew this morning. Thought I'd get him out at his truck(Still refuse to spray any where people are eating, it's that bad), just as I hit the bottle a gust of wind blew it right up my arm. What's worse is I didn't realize his sense of smell hadn't returned from when we both had the Rona.... arm smelled like crap. I'm extra clean today though after two showers.