JMT Saber or RA-140-SST Trigger


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Does anyone have any experience with these two drop in triggers and is so, what were your thoughts about either ir both? Both are similar in price around $100. I like the look of the saber a little more but care more about function than looks. This is predominantly going to be used for hunting and target practice, no competition so I'm not looking for a real high dollar trigger. Just looking for something better and with lighter pull weight than the standard milspec trigger.

From the reviews I have seen, both sound really good for the price but I haven't found anything comparing these two head to head.

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Personally I'd go with the Saber... I don't have one but I've burned through some rounds on a friends build and must say it's a quality trigger if your wanting a 1 stage

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Is there any reason you think I wouldn't want a 1 stage or any real benefit to the 2 stage? Ive never had a 2 stage but have researched them. I know they can be more accurate but since I'll be putting this on a 300 BO with max shots at about 200yrds, I don't see that added advantage for the price of a 2 stage. Also my personal preference is I like as light of a trigger as possible. Most of my guns are dialed in at about 2.5-3lbs so the saber being this cheap with a 3.5 is very appealing to me.


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Well I went with the JMT Saber as TravisLH recommended and couldn't be happier. It feels great and was a significant improvement over the stock Mil-Spec trigger. When I first installed it, it was reading a little heavier than advertised coming in at about 4.8lbs (advertised at 3.5-4lbs). I contacted their customer service and heard back the next day. They said to try shooting it for a bit and that it normally is a little stiff out of the packaging but should go down on its own. They also offered to send me a new trigger if it didn't. Sure enough I shot about 30rds and retested it and it dropped to about 3.75lbs. Really happy with their customer service and quick response.