January rut...


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I think we are having a January rut in my area. Couple days ago found a large, fresh scrape made within the last 24 hours (since the most recent rain). Then got a couple daytime pics of this big boy. Check out that body...

2021 Jan12 - Copy.JPG

2021 Jan12_2 - Copy.JPG
Had 7 does chased out into the pasture by a little buck a few days ago maybe Saturday. Still seeing rubs showing up around my corn. The smaller bucks are hanging together now but older bucks still come around alone

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Mating can last for months and months .......when most say the rut you are actually speaking of a spike in the rut. There are several big spikes with biggest usually in mid nov. then 2 more but there are several spikes. I found a new scrape in the sandhills at Christmas. does can be bred any month from sept to feb and can be bred in other months as well..........

you can see here in Pa that does were bred from Oct to Feb. https://www.pgc.pa.gov/Wildlife/WildlifeSpecies/White-tailedDeer/Pages/Whenistherut.aspx
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Found a fresh scrape Easter weekend about 2 years ago. FRESH, tracks and wet spot in the middle of it. Ask a GW and he said they will rut until all does are bred. A sign of too many does in the area.

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And this is one of the reasons they need to extend the season to at least the end of Jan to possibly Feb to control the Doe population around