Its been said before, but needs to be said again


Ten Pointer
I joined the forum many years ago looking for a bit of advice and help on an upcoming hunt to NC. From one of my first visits to NC where there was a meet and greet at a Golden Coral, sitting as a family member at Thanksgiving dinner, all the way to this past weekend at the get together, you all show what Southern hospitality is about. I don't think there is a greater online community out there and am privileged to be a part of it.
Even though i could have likely missed another meal after the feast put on over the weekend, had to try some tuna, and yes it is as good as i thought it would be, and talking to my son, he had some tuna and mahi and it made the drive home worth it.
Again, thank you all, from those where were at the get together, those that couldn't make it, those i haven't seen in years and those who aren't here anymore

Thank you, and my son also thanks you all for a great weekend and good eats