It’s Flounder Time!


Old Mossy Horns
Flounder regs create almost as many outlaws as the two buck rule did.

Did it really change anything? The same ones breaking the law now were breaking the law with a 4 buck limit. Most people obeying the law will keep at it. Most breaking the law will keep at it.

I would agree that misinformed/uninformed people may also break the law on the two buck limit. I think the flounder rules have honestly been marketed more than deer rules.

In all honesty, i hadnt thought a thing of the two buck limit until I read your comment. I now remember it but evidently it was something that had not stuck in my mind.


Old Mossy Horns
Finally connected with that elusive to come. Missed 2 that would have ended my night.

I did see the largest track I've ever seen in my years of gigging....200+ inch deer equivalent imo

Hunting Nut

Old Mossy Horns
There are no flounder on the NC coast ! Ya'll keep showing these pictures and you and the season will be cancelled !
Follow the science. Follow the science.🤣