"Isn't that cheating?" asks my wife.


Button Buck
"Heck no!" I say. "Plus, if someone provides an environment (albeit somewhat captive) and brings them to me if the other birdies aren't cooperating, that's smart." "Still cheating" she says. In my best Ricky Bobby impression I reply "Ya' ain't tryin' if ya' ain't cheatin'!".

In all seriousness, I had intended to shoot some BIF along the Roanoke River/Charles Kuralt Trail, but they were not cooperating. On the way home, I stopped by the Sylvan Heights Bird Park. If any of you are familiar with Joel Sartore's Photo Ark, Joel used some of the SHBP birds for cataloging.

Masked Lapwing

*For this shot, I laid down in front of the bird no more than 15 feet away,


Mandarin Duck


Spotted Whistling Duck


Southern Lapwing