Iowa Preference Point time…


Old Mossy Horns
I will be waiting until the last minute to apply.

Colorado elk draw is May 31-June 1. Gives me about a one week window. If I don’t get my elk tag then I will apply in Iowa for deer tag. If I get my elk tag then it’s point only again.


Twelve Pointer
Yup and if the trend continues it’ll take at least 4 and maybe 5 pp to draw in the better zones. Looking at Iowa bow tag being a once every 5 or 6 year proposition.

thanks for the reminder! Even though we got out butts kicked this past fall I’m still looking forward to the next time.


Staff member
yeah, I'm trying to decide on whether I am going for it again or not - may move on to another locale,,, getting tired of "points"

5 Shot

Ten Pointer
I have 3 pts. Not sure if I m going to mess with it anymore. Not sure where to go out there. Iowa is an expensive state to hunt


Twelve Pointer
Wish you could sell me your points… 👍
Auction em off. I’d break out the check book. It’s like no where else I’ve hunted. Love the country, deer and people. Could do without the fan that’s on 24/7 but just something you have to deal with.