Investarms Bridger Hawken


Twelve Pointer
I was just awkwardly gifted one, and aside from an inspection of the workmanship, I know nothing about them. Don't know if I need or want it but I try to make it a point to kill a deer with any gun that passes through my hands before I decide to keep it or not.

Any feedback?

First thing I would need to do is replace the contemporary rear sight. Ick.


Six Pointer
I have the Investarms Hawken in .54 cal. I have found it to be very dependable and a good shooter. That is the gun I will probably be taking to the woods this year. Value, as in most muzzleloaders, seems to have increased over the last couple of years. I bought mine for $100 about 4 years ago, you dont see many for less than $300 lately.

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
I have 2 InvestArm ML's the Hawken and the carbine model, both are well built, chromed bore, adjustable sights and have been great ML since I bought them many years ago. The Hawken has been borrowed by a buddy and he probably thinks I've forgotten about it by now, but no....I'm glad this thread reminded me of it :)
They are as good or better than the similar models by TC in my opinion.


Twelve Pointer
Thanks, guys.

It does appear pretty stout. Of course, I've got no jags for a 50 cal, no round balls or bullets. And its a right hand action. Right hand stock as well, nice cheek piece. Kind of a waste me shooting it lefty.

Do like me a double set trigger though.