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I took all of my trail cameras down yesterday except for one, I left it by a gravity feeder.
I plan to keep corn in it and scattered around it for the next couple of months to see how many deer are around and to see if any bucks that left during the first part of the season return.
I was wondering how many forum members do this?


Old Mossy Horns
I went today to get my last camera and when I went to check it to see how many pics I had, I quickly realized I never cut it on!
It's been up for more than 3 weeks and I had high hopes......on a positive note the battery life was

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I pulled one yesterday and know that there are a few bucks that made it through in that spot that should be shooters next year. I have 3 other cams running and will pull them in a few weeks. I will also transition to high protein feed here shortly to help the bucks put on a bit of weight during the upcoming lean times. My does look healthy and bucks look ok, not to run down but still lost a lot of weight from before the rut

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Pulled my last few in VA this past weekend. Confirmed at least 3 of the bucks I let walk and the big 8 I missed were still living in Dec.

Even 1 unidentifiable buck had already dropped his horns.

Ps Pic is of buck I missed early Nov. yes pic is from late Nov but had some later pics .. this was the best



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Time to lay the protein, corn, and minerals to them until Spring plots are ready.
I've continued feeding corn at one place and I'm going to add mineral and pellet feed this weekend.
I'll feed them in to sometime this Spring depending on how bad the weather is then just give em mineral till August then start over again.
I try to keep a few out and checked. Walking through the woods today I saw several fresh scrapes/pawings.

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Aaron H

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I'm still running 3 cameras. I'll leave them out till the bucks drop antlers. It will take a month or so to get an idea of how many bucks survived but having that information gives me a lot to get started with come September. I do back down on the corn, put out just a little each time I check the cameras.


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I left one up. I normally stay out of the woods until mid February then pull camera and wont put one up again until mid June.


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I'll leave my camera up for a few weeks in January just to see what deer survived the season. Then I'll take it down to keep it out of the weather until August. This seems to help make the camera last longer.
^ Yep, me too, but I tend to leave mine out and throw out corn until March. It doesn't seem right to me to just cut them off cold turkey. I got a pleasant surprise this year. Not only did the 2 nice up-and-coming young bucks seem to survive (last pic check was 12/27, so the jury is still out), but a third nice young buck joined them, and he's a bit bigger than either of the ones I've been letting walk. I'm hoping whomever has been whacking the young bucks around here has finally stopped doing that. :)


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I move my cameras to mineral sites, install new batteries, swap cards and leave them til spring. Not much good to me sitting in the house.


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I do as well though I find little value in it. Seems like even when you know they survived very few are there year to year.....and there are new ones every year. Some show up years later after disappearing for a few seasons too. It keeps me out in the woods and I like looking at pics so I do it anyway!

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
on taking inventory.
no cameras but night visuals on two that made it in areas I can hunt.
Both will be fine for me next season. I actually will try and find their sheds now that I know they are present.
silly not to run the cameras though. I need improvement there.


Old Mossy Horns
If all I get is night pictures of bucks, I don’t figure I have much of a chance (outside the rut) of killing him. I don’t think he’s a resident.

Makes me curious. Why is he coming to your land at all? Corn pile?

sky hawk

Old Mossy Horns
If all I get is night pictures of bucks, I don’t figure I have much of a chance (outside the rut) of killing him. I don’t think he’s a resident.

Makes me curious. Why is he coming to your land at all? Corn pile?
Usually boils down to food or good company. That can take different forms, and it could just be a travel corridor to get there.

I run mine until March and then pull them until August. I have run them year round before, but the info I get in those off months isn't worth the battery cost and wear and tear on cameras.


Old Mossy Horns
Right. That’s why I asked why he’s coming to your (general) property?

Is it food?

Is it for does?

I always ask why they aren’t staying there. That’s what I really want to know.

The only thing photos of bucks assured me right now is.....he survived.


Old Mossy Horns
In my case, I really can't be sure because the bucks simply haven't survived around here. I like to know if they made it through the season. If they have, I don't expect to see them again until the rut. But, if they start surviving … they may be around all year. Time will tell.


Old Mossy Horns
One thing I came to grips with, years ago, is.......the bucks I’m hunting are somewhere - ALL THE TIME 🙂

They eat (several times a day) and sleep somewhere, every day. They move, during daylight, nearly every day (barring extreme weather). If they aren’t doing those things on land I can hunt, am I part of the reason?


Eight Pointer
I keep one camera out year round just to see what is going on. Will put corn out all along too. Those fat squirrels gotta eat too! I don't want them coming up to the house knocking on the door looking a hand out.
Just watched my sons target buck standing in the broad daylight behind our farm 30 minutes before dark. Watched him till dark. 12 does and 3 other bucks. He didn’t have a care in the world. Smh. They know what day it is.