If you don't have antler sheds, what can you use to mimic the sound of deer fighting to lure a buck?


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Me and my buddies are planning on doing an amateur deer hunt in some private property, but we don't have sheddings to use. Is there anything we can use to mimic the sound?


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I made a rattling bag back in the '80s, wooden dowels, 5-6, about 12 inches long...Take 2 and sand or cut about a third of the side off (flatten) on both sides...Put in a wool sock, tie off the end and rub them together between your hands...

Frankly, I have had better luck with The Can and Buck grunts on calling deer...


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If you use sheds with brow tines, remove them. They are a finger nail killer. But, if deer respond to "OH..S×+T..DA÷N that hurts", they should readily come in. Don't ask. lol. I got a bruise under a nail. Didn't have to burn a hole in my nail, but it was painful!!!!


Rattle bags work. Called in 5 bucks within a 45 minute window once. I rattled twice during that time ans they all came in looking...

You can buy sheds also, cabelas I think online. Or.. shoot the next basket rack buck ya see and get the real deal. I rattle with what was a 7pt.. like other fella said.. watch those brow tines

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HotSoup, roll a can over in bow season and you will see them. Got one have been using for years that had to replace the latex in few years back. Had a Bobcat show up under stand few days ago after rolling it….heard it and thought it a fawn proof they after them.


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There are lots of options out there. Rattle bags, rattle boxes, imitation antlers. Here are just a few of the options available.



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Don't know how true it is because I never had any luck rattling but it makes sense. Only rattle when bucks are fighting in your area which is usually pre-rut. It makes sense to me that deer would shy away from an unnatural sound.


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This time of year I would go for quiet over rattling. Always have had better success rattling just before the rut.


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Deer calls have different effects on different deer, even within the same group. I've proven that to myself countless times over the last 40 years. Watching groups of deer while rattling and using a variety of calls, some deer will ignore, some will run away, and some will run toward you. The buck in my avatar came running in to a canned bleat call on opening morning of Eastern gun season in 2010.

In general, rattling works better in mornings, according to my own experience and what the QDMA says. I have killed 8 pointers that responded to rattling, but for me it seems much more likely to attract smaller bucks, and an occasional doe in heat.

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It’s one of those deals that are useless till they aren’t. A prime example of how our personal bias means nothing to the deer.
you couldn’t pay me to use a can. Just my negative bias. I need to change that.


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Regardless of what you use, don’t expect to see results like you see on TV. That’s just not a realistic expectation in “real world” hunting situations.

HOWEVER, using the right call on the right deer at the right time will yield results. A couple years ago I had a buck that was pushing does around and just wouldn’t slow down or stop. I tried a grunt call and he paid it no mind. I tried a can call, with no effect. I finally tickled my rattling horns together and he stopped and started trotting towards me. Eventually he worked into just over 300 yards and I let him have it. D2F9C194-47B6-46A3-A221-8281198A048B.jpegEE9CA3CC-0CEC-4DA8-95EB-8A6A5ADA2B60.jpeg
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I’m only into my eighth season, so I certainly can’t compete with many of you regarding experience. But I have a set of 4-point antlers I’ve been using and I’m starting to think it’s been helpful. I was hesitant to use them, I thought it was too much movement and figured I wouldn’t do it right and they could tell it was me. I wondered if I was just running them off. But now that I’ve killed three within a few minutes of rattling, I’m starting to have some faith in it. Never tried a can or anything else.