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I'm reaching out here because I'm in need of a job BAD. Brief background: 12 years Army National Guard, 8 of which was active duty, 2 deployments, Recruiter, Infantry (11B), and HR (42A) qualified. I worked in logistics for over a year but didn't get MOSQ.

I live near Smithfield but can travel. I understand basic construction and power tool operation. Quick learner. Resume available just shoot me a PM with your email.

I'm looking for anything right now


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yup one of the good guys.
I had lunch with him at a golden corral somewhere south and east of Cary lol
at the time I was struggling with PTS I'm doing a lot better now. aznsinf if there is anything I can do to help from here in Surry County please let me know.


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May not be what you want but lots of car dealerships are always hiring sales people. The hours are long the money can be good or bad thats up to you. It is a good way to make money until you find what you want or you may end up living it and make a career out of it. If you have been a recruiter selling cars will be easy.

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Good friend of mine works in national parks...Smokies to be exact. They give hiring preference to Vets and maintenance sounds right up your alley. Thanks for serving


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If you are interested in law enforcement, the Wake Forest Police Department has started a recruiting program where we will pay you while you attend BLET and cover all costs associated with the school. We are very interested in recruitment of former military members. You get a pay increase upon graduation. Then you will hit multiple career ladder steps. We have officers coming to us constantly from larger agencies such as Raleigh, Durham, etc. PM me if interested.

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Dern this site is better than Linked In for job prospects...maybe a new revenue source to help with the bills #Tipmoose? :unsure:


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I work at Novo Nordisk over in Clayton and they hire a lot of veterans. If pharma is of any interest to you let me know and I can send you a referral for any entry level stuff we may have open right now. Great company and excellent benefits just down the road from Smithfield.