Hunting with Deer Decoys?


Button Buck
I was wanting to try hunting with a deer decoy next season. Is there any advantage to using them? Does anyone have any pointers?


Six Pointer
I've never even considered it since my areas I hunt aren't very open and I don't see how I would benefit if deer are already moving through without one. I know it is extremely situational. Be careful with it on public is my only real pointer. Paint the antlers blaze orange or something?


Ten Pointer
I’ve had decent success with a doe decoy during the seeking phase after halloween where I hunt. It’s tightly controlled private land for what it’s worth and I wouldn’t consider using one on public.


Twelve Pointer
I know multiple people that have had 3d buck targets torn up by bucks, so there's something to it. But the safety thing becomes a concern in many areas.


Eight Pointer
Had a friend place one in a field while he was in a short box stand on the edge. Neighbors noticed it from about 200yds away when they stepped out from behind a point of trees in the field. They were scoping it with their rifles. Unfortunately, both hunters (my friend and neighbors) were exactly on opposite sides of the decoy, if they had decided to poach, he was directly down range. FWIW, I know he has shot at least 4 bucks using the same buck decoy.



Twelve Pointer
I have had a flat one for 15 years, but only used it a few times. I think they can work. My nephew shot his first buck with it set up in doe mode. Minutes later the neighbor's beagle came over to see what the shot was about, saw the decoy, and barked at it for 30 minutes until I could take it down. It sure fooled the dog, and maybe the buck too.


Twelve Pointer
From several articles I've read, if you put antlers on the decoy, a buck will usually approach from the frontal area. No antlers, usually the other end. If you have antlers on the decoy, be prepared for the decoy to get rolled. Lol. I've thought about using a decoy for 20 years or so but just haven't done it. I "think" I'm safe doing it where I hunt. The comment about blaze orange tape on antlers is a good idea. I'll see if I can find a video of a decoy being used. May have been one posted here.


Old Mossy Horns
I’ve got one, but it’s always one of those ‘shoulda had the decoy’ things. It never works when I try it(ie a mature buck never sees it)but there are dozens of times it would have, IF I had it out.

Ol Copper

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I've seen some phenomenal encounters with buck decoys while bowhunting the midwest...quick action !!

Never tried it here. I aint toting no deke up a mountain 😁


I've used one of those 2d (renzo) decoys before. Killed a decent 7pt with it. The issue is them seeing it so tight cover is out. Every time I used it a deer atleast came and checked it out


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Mopar forever seems like I should know you. I have flung a may arrows with some of the Hudson over the years. I’m a mopar fan till the end also


Eight Pointer
I've got a flambeau doe decoy that I've had multiple bucks come in to easy bow range to check out. No big ones, but those that showed were definitely committed. That decoy made some of the resident does nervous, but that may have also been because I was also using a doe in estrous lure with the decoy before the peak of the rut.