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Old Mossy Horns
The hunting public type shows ain’t really my thing. More power to’em.
I like shows like the lakoskies (sp?) and the drury’s. Quality management and like them or not, lee lakosky is very knowledgeable on whitetail habitat and management. Are those shows kinda like the “playboy magazine” of deer hunting? Yes as far as quality of deer but the management aspects can’t be denied.
RNT tv and mojo outdoors for wingshooting.
When I watch them, I use the Friendly app on our tv.


Old Mossy Horns
I very rarely watch hunting shows anymore because they are all the same.

Hunting places in the Midwest and usually with outfitters. Big buck always comes out at last light on the last day and they always make a "good shot" but usually looks more like a horrible shot on camera.
Pushing their sponsors, which I understand but gets old quick.


Frozen H20 Guy
Probably 95% of the outdoors I watch is not on my TV, but on my puter. And as LST mentioned, Macks extreme is one of my favorites! No music, just action! I feel like am expected to let the commercials play, so I do.

Generally, if I WANT (key term) to watch something hunting related, it's probably via "urge", and has a purpose. Watched many "dove hunting" video's lately, in April it's almost all turkey, you get the jist.

What I focus on when I get a huge list of youtube videos recommended for me is does the video mention "cook/clean/eat"?

If those videos do, then I hit them up first. If I'm about to hunt something, then imho I want to learn how to limit, then how to clean it, then how to cook it. Most giant buck TV shows don't do that. I think including cleaning cooking might draw in other members of the family as well who might be too young, or too busy to do the rest.

Some of the youtube's I've subscribed to are;

Carolina All out
Hoke Outdoors
Coilon Noir

And then a bunch of bar b que channels.


Six Pointer
I have been hooked on this guy Called "Field Days" on Youtube. Hes from Australia. Mostly fishing stuff. He started his channel when he was stuck in Bali and could not get back home. The guy is high energy

Duckmauler dhc

Ten Pointer
I like Meateater shows but mainly podcast. I like the hunting shows because they are not plugging products the whole show and don’t focus on trophy animals all the time. A lot of the hunts are unsuccessful but good shows. They focus on cooking and utilizing the game meat well as well.

Seek One is pretty good on YouTube. Unique urban hunts.

Second that on seek one. Best deer hunting show I’ve ever seen and the only modern one that I’ll watch. I am not sure if he is still around or not but I always Liked Dez Young’s shows hunting with Hank and upland days with dash and Dez.

Aside from that I love the following fishing shows both on tv and YouTube……
Ndyakangler, MLF, creek fishing adventures, Mack’s extreme river fishing, shoalbandit, zona’s show, and a couple others.
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Jake NFC

Ten Pointer
Like mentioned earlier, I still watch Frank White’s Southern Sportsman on You Tube. Reminds me of my younger days back in the day. He had that Irish Setter named “Fracus” I remember.


Old Mossy Horns
He's also 5 years younger than 80% of this forum. Its easy to do what he does when you're in your 20s and full of piss and vinegar. Youth is wasted on the young.
Compare apples to apples then. How many of the same demographic, do you honestly think, are going as hard to make things happen, as he is?


Old Mossy Horns
I flipped it by a show last night called "Small Town Hunting" thinking it may be a little different......nope, they were showcasing their CVA paramount muzzleloaders with Burris scopes at a outfitter in Iowa.
Both guys killed huge bucks that were grazing out in a open field with plenty of daylight.
That kind of hunt happens all the time in most people's world.....😀


Ten Pointer
He's also 5 years younger than 80% of this forum. Its easy to do what he does when you're in your 20s and full of piss and vinegar. Youth is wasted on the young.

Zach’s career is hunting.

I bet Zach knows dick all about what the rest of us do for a living.

I can hunt every day if I really want to. But I don’t want to that bad. I have a wife, kids, job, other hobbies.

Zach spends his empty days scouting and hunting. How many of this forum hold down a full time job, have family to care for, and still bring home the backstrap?

*which one is Zach?


Ten Pointer
I guess you cant talk about TV shows around here without giving a nod to The Southern Sportsman. I grew up watching The Southern Sportsman and enjoyed how Frank, with the department store music in the background, would narrate the video so it was more personal narrative. From what I remember no video had audio. There are several shows of bad quality on Youtube but enjoy watching them.

As in personal narrative I mean Frank would narrate his experience with stuff like 'Here we are out on Core Banks in November and the wind was blowing sideways but my friend Robert from Harkers Island called me on the phone a couple of days ahead and said the drum bite couldn't be better so we came down and got a few rooms at the local hotel and took the ferry over ...and that is my good freind Joe Smith from Greenville and let me tell you his wife Sally is a heck of a wing shooter.. We went to North Dakota a couple years back and she out shot everyone, she also makes a heck of a crab stew.. Anyway the water was cold and Joe took a couple of waves over the waders....etc.."

I loved watching him as a kid. That zebra striped airplane was the height of cool for me.


Twelve Pointer
I like the local channel shows. Carolina outdoor journal and now Kentucky afield.

Seen an episode of outdoor journal and he was fishing divers rock for bonito… the next year I was I was 4 miles out in my 16’ tracker having blast.

I guess I like the variety of their shows the most. They will be with a normal dude or small outfitter chasing fish and game that I never would have thought to go after. Watching people kill deer and Turkey on tv ranks right up there with with watching women’s basketball.


Twelve Pointer
I watch almost all episodes of
Randy Newberg

I pick and choose episodes of
Born and Raised
Solo Hunter
and any other ones i see that catch my interest

all but meateater I watch on youtube