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How to cook a backstrap


Twelve Pointer
If I can, I get a grill as hot as possible and it’s still purple inside. Rare if you use the knuckle test.

My preferred these days is to cut it into 5” lengths the width of the back strap. I’ve a sort of in depth recipe but I “brown” the outside so to speak in a hot oil skillet with Poblanos and onions. I’m very careful “frying” venison. Y’all that fry it or make it into cube steak are beyond my palette.

Anyhow, once it’s brown and still dark purple inside slice it perpendicular to the grain. The secret in our house I learned in Culinary school a few decades ago making something else. Keep your skillet hot, then toss a wrap in it. Wait until it “puffs” up nicely and flip and do the same. The air pockets expand and you get a partially crisp, lighter, fluffier wrap if that makes sense. It’s really not a fajita I guess at that point but it’s much better than flat wraps.

On the straps themselves if your cooking other ways beyond the Fajitas I mentioned think tomato based not vinegar/dressing based. If I hear someone throw “Seasoned Salt” and “Italian Dressing” in the same sentence as venison I’m not touching it. I’ve not been to any wild game dinners though or others houses in a long time for venison so I get to enjoy mine and not rawhide somewhere else.

A good quick marinade would be A1 NY Steakhouse marinade. Tomato based marinades do something sciency to the meat enzymes maybe from the acidity. It doesn’t cover the wild taste it changes it to a very unique and enjoyable flavor.

I actually don’t enjoy “Gamey” meat or even strong fish. I used my full set of tags every year in NC to feed the family and learned how to cook it.

Also, might sound like blasphemy to some but I’ve been known to make Jerky and sausage from back straps. With 4 kids we eat spaghetti and other things way more often than most anything else.