How many on here have used (or even heard of) Judo Points?

Mack in N.C.

Old Mossy Horns
So, who uses Judo points??? I have used them for years and one of my employees Hunts deer a lot with a bow and he has never heard of them.
I always have 2 on me so when walking out I can shoot a rabbit and if I miss(rarely lol) I won't lose the arrow. I think a lot of the younger guys may not know about these. ????


Old Mossy Horns
I use Judos with Adders behind them(or a small washer) for small game, even when I shot compounds years ago.....


Old Mossy Horns
Yep, have used them for years...A few years back (actually a few decades because I was using my Bear Whitetail)...I shot a rabbit with one, I was coming up the path, close to the old farm house, saw the rabbit and the old fellow that lived there was watching me...I stalked within about 20 yards, drew and released, popped him behind the shoulder and then the judo point stuck in the ground...I walked up and picked him and the arrow up...When I went by the old man he said..."I'd hate for you to shoot at me with that dang thing"....Yep, I cleaned it up a bit... ;)


Ten Pointer
Killed hundreds of things with them from rats to domestic ____s. The spring loaded points look good in principle and help some, but its not like each time you shoot the arrow stands straight up for you to find. It seemed to work much better when I shot a bow that was pushing an arrow at 185 fps as opposed to 250 fps. They tear up a lot of meat on a small animal like a squirrel.

For a hit with a passthrough it will typically hang up and the animal will run off with it until it expires. They work good with groundhogs - they're kinda muscular and the bone structure will let give good impact and will hang up for good retrieval.

Even with a perfectly tuned bow I've found that they are a little unpredictable in flight, so I am typically squeezing in the yardage some from where I would normally be shooting something like a 2 1/2" group.


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I've used them in the past and still have some in the bow box. My brother and I use to walk around in the cow pastures and shoot at Robins with them. I've never tried the washer behind a field point but that sounds like it would work just as good.


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I have a bunch of them. Being a traditional bowhunter also, I stump shoot a lot walking in-out of stand sites, etc. However, I recently switched to Hex Heads and like them better. I've broken the spring arms on several Judo's in the past.


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I've got a few, though I don't use them much. I also have a few rubber tips I hardly use.

sky hawk

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I like G5 small game heads better than Judo points. Never was a fan of the wires. G5's are solid steel. They are indestructible for stump shooting and nasty on any live game they hit.


Old Mossy Horns
The design and name of true Judo points has been trademarked by Zwickey Archery.

The Chinese knockoffs are slightly different for that reason and cannot actually be called a Judo point in the US.

But yes "judo point" has become slang for any archery head with the grabbing wire "arms"

Eric Revo

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Years ago I just glued a .38 or .357mag brass to the end of a 2413 or whatever I was using at the time and it worked great for small game, especially those aggravating skirls.


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Never used them but I really should. Have shot small game with my bow before just never with a judo point. I’ve heard you can make a pretty good small game tip by adding a wingnut between the shaft and a field tip but I’ve never tried that either.