How in the world can auto makers still be in business?


Twelve Pointer
:donk:donk:donk:donk I started looking for a specific car in the begining of 2021. Was on 7 Toyotas dealers list waiting an waiting. Never heard crap until someone in Mississippi decided not to get the exact color and package I wanted. This was I Feb 2022. I had to put a deposit down that day and pick it up within a week. There were 10 other people waiting for this car. Unbelievable!!


Twelve Pointer
I don't know about manufacturers, but I can tell you about dealerships... or at least the one we visited last weekend.

Any vehicle on their lot with under 100,000 miles, comes with a lifetime powertrain warranty.

We bought a 1 owner 2018 Honda from a Toyota dealership. Compared to others(from a dealer), within a 200 mile radius, it was below average price.

The added value of the warranty pushed me over the edge. Wife's happy with her new ride. I'm happy that with regular documented maintenance, and once every 7 years powertrain inspection, the major parts are covered.