Hooped Beaver Pelt


Old Mossy Horns
Been toying with the thought of doing one for a while and finally got around to it. The beaver is a small one that I caught, fleshed and dried. I then sent it off and had it professionally tanned at one of the biggest tanneries in the US, Moyles in Idaho. The hoop was cut from a willow on the pond behind my house. The leather lacing came from a vendor at a trapping convention and I laced it all together. It is 33" tall by 22" wide. Now I am thinking about tackling one a whole lot bigger that I would have to lash two willow whips together to hold it.



Four Pointer
That is awesome! How bad did the bill from Moyles go? I have toyed with the idea several times over the years to send some beaver off to be tanned. With the price of fur down so much now, it is almost pointless to work it for any reason other than personal desire. I didn’t sell any fur this past season at all.


Old Mossy Horns
That's as cool as it can be! You might consider doing that with other furs and selling them like that, there's a pretty good market in things like that for man caves....