Homemade kraut or kimchi recipe requests

If anyone would be willing to share their recipes for homemade kraut or kimchi
they would be appreciated.
I remember my mother making kraut when I was young, but I have never made any myself. Usually just buy German type in the grocery store. Kimchi is also a favorite of mine.

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ain't took the time to get into that,,,,

too many nice korean ladies around willing to sell me a batch of kimchi,,,and stores sell sauerkraut for about as much as I can buy cabbage (no time to have that big of a garden),,,

maybe when I transition to the "next phase" of this existance,,,,,,


I don't have any of my recipes ihere in the office, but I can give you a few tips regarding equipment.

We make our own airlocks using the plastic mason jar lids and water/air locks I had from brewing beer, but if you don't care to go through all of that, Google "Pickle Pipes". We have a few of those and they work well. You will also need a weight/plate to keep everything below the brine. We have these lipped cups that screw in between the top and the jar that keep everything "below sea level" so that there is no mold.

I'll dig up some of the recipes that we have liked later this evening.


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Wife told me just get a 1/2 gallon clean glass jar, slice up one head of cabbage, add 1 tablespoon or 1.5 tablespoon of pure sea salt (not iodized or salt with additives) to taste. Then mash the cabbage and salt mixture with your hands (knead it like bread) until it starts getting wet. Put in jar. She uses a venting lid (no metal lid). Let sit in cool place (she wraps it up in a towel to keep it dark) for about two weeks. Taste and if it is not sour enough, let it go some more until it is to your satisfaction. Then just eat it! You can store leftovers in the fridge. You can add whatever you want at the beginning, mustard or caraway seed, onions, peppers, garlic, whatever you like.

It's basically just salt and finely sliced cabbage. She uses clear jars so she can see what is going on. That's why she wraps it in a towel to keep it dark. I have to admit it tastes a whole lot better than any store bought kraut.